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Madonie Living Lab

Madonie Living Lab

An innovation laboratory that empowers communities, administration, research, and businesses in the creation of new ideas and collaboration models.

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Learn about Living Lab activities and events and how you can actively participate.

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The Madonie Living Lab includes an activity plan managed by the MADLAB RTI composed of PUSH and Avanzi. The activities are developed across four main pillars: the Open Innovation Platform, the Educational Hub, the Idea Accelerator, and the Community Lab.

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Open Innovation

The activities planned within the Open Innovation Platform aim to support local businesses in adopting strategies and models for managing sustainable and socially responsible innovation. These activities also enable the design and prototyping of services/products/solutions tailored to user needs and testing them in real-life environments.

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Educational Hub

The Educational hub aims to develop a dedicated path for innovation in the field of education, providing learning opportunities that can connect students of different ages with the economic and social realities of the territory.

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Idea Accelerator

Within the Idea Accelerator, a support program will be provided to develop new entrepreneurial ideas that can leverage local resources and connect with the best national and international experiences.

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Community Lab

The Community Lab aims to promote the participation of the local community by facilitating information exchange, the construction of shared perspectives, and greater territorial cohesion.

Spazio Madonie

It will be inaugurated by 2023 and will be located within the premises of the former Middle School of Petralia Sottana. It will serve as a meeting place, gathering point, and sharing hub for the Living Lab.

The space has been designed by AM3 Architetti Associati studio from Palermo, following a process of community participation and active listening.

UTC Communities' Sustainable eXperience

Three days to discuss best practices in the area, research and development prospects around the Madonie Living Lab

22 - 23 - 24 september 2023

Ex Convento dei Padri Riformati - Petralia Sottana


Parte del logo del madonie living lab che rappresenta l'acceleratore di idee

UTC Communities' Sustainable eXperience

Solutions for sustainable, resilient, inclusive and accessible regeneration of rural communities enabling low carbon footprint lifestyles and businesses.

Campus Madonie - 22-23-24 September Petralia Sottana

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Madonie Living Lab

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Financed project by the PO FESR Sicily 2014-2020 - Madonie Internal Area - Action 1.3.2 "Support for the generation of innovative solutions to specific social issues, also through the use of open innovation environments such as Living Labs." CIG: 9694568299 - CUP: C83D17000590006