Aprile 2023 - Dicembre 2024

Madonie Living Lab Timeline

April 23

Presentation Meeting

What is Madonie Living Lab? What services and activities will it bring to the territory? How can you get involved and actively participate?


April 20, 2023 at 5:30 PM


Aula Consiliare, Corso Paolo Agliata - Petralia Sottana

Who is it for?

Institutions, Schools, Associations, and Companies that have participated in the design phase or want to learn about Madonie Living Lab and its possibilities.

June 23

Commencement of Participatory Design: Management Model

By 2023, the spaces around the portico and the basement of the Former Middle School in Petralia Sottana will undergo a transformation to accommodate new functions and services. A fablab, a kitchen lab, a multimedia lab, a coworking space, and a guesthouse for hosting resident innovators and artists will be established. The management of the space will be as agile and open as possible. To achieve this, a service needs to be designed that meets the needs of those who will manage it and its future users.


June 2023


Petralia Sottana

Who is it for?

Political and technical representatives of the Union of Municipalities, So.Svi.Ma, ResMa, Petralia Sottana Municipality, and other municipalities in the Union.

Local businesses and organizations

Acceleration Program for Startups and Business Ideas

Do you have a great idea for the region but don't know how to implement it? Through a series of dedicated training sessions on specific topics and a personalized mentoring program, you will have the opportunity to define and develop your idea and assess if it has the potential to become an entrepreneurial project.


June-July 2023


Online and in the Madonie area

Who is it for?

Startups, non-profit organizations, informal groups, professionals, and social innovators

Coopera - Connect with the World of Community Cooperatives

The training aims to connect best practices in activating and governing community cooperatives, developing learning paths through 3 study visits, 5 training sessions, and 6 group and individual mentoring sessions, in order to explore the methods of activation, engagement, and structuring of a community cooperative.


Phase 1: June 23-28, 2023 - Phase 2: October 2023


Molise, Puglia, Abruzzo

Who is it for?

5 participants with diverse profiles and backgrounds, united by an interest in activating, managing, and promoting a community cooperative.

Open Call International Conference

Carbon emissions depend on social, economic and environmental factors. Addressing negative impacts requires bottom-up and top-down approaches, with integrated green policies, community involvement, and innovative technological solutions. The conference aims to support the Madonie Living Lab by presenting and discussing a broad portfolio of community-driven initiatives, processes, practices, solutions and ideas that address sustainable, circular and responsible innovation, especially in inner areas


Open Call - 19 June

For Whom?

Companies, Researchers, Professionals, Civil Servants or Decision Makers

September 23

Communities Sustainable eXperience

A conference to reflect on the concepts of design, innovation, and development in relation to the global challenge of climate change and the enhancement of a territory with high historical, natural, and human potential. The conference will be organized in partnership with Countless Cities, the biennial event by Farm Cultural Park.


Parte del logo del madonie living lab che rappresenta l'acceleratore di idee

Service Design
Intensive School

Four days to explore, research, design and prototype revolutionary solutions for the new Madonie Living Lab.

Consultancy for SMEs on Innovation and Circular Economy

Are you a company or cooperative operating in the Madonie region and looking to improve and innovate your services in the field of Circular Economy? Through individual and group training sessions and workshops, you can apply collaborative and creative tools and methods to design new services or enhance existing ones.


September 2023


Mall and online

Who is it for?

Companies and cooperatives in the region

Innovator Residencies

Four international experts specializing in selected subjects based on the specific needs identified in the territory mapping will be selected, invited, and hosted. The resident innovators will interact with the Madonie region and its community. They will meet local schools and young people and participate in Living Lab events.


September - October 2023


Madonie region

Who is it for?

National and international innovators, researchers, lecturers, experts in the environment and circular economy, and experts in the agritech and agri-food sectors.

November 23

Service Jam.

December 23

Open Day

An event to discover the new space of Madonie Living Lab. Learn about its functions and potential, how the different laboratories will operate, and what types of projects and events can be developed within it.


Upon completion of the work (by December 2023)


Former Middle School of Petralia Sottana

Who is it for?

Informal groups, associations, businesses, startups, professionals, students, teachers from technical institutes.

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Financed project by the PO FESR Sicily 2014-2020 - Madonie Internal Area - Action 1.3.2 "Support for the generation of innovative solutions to specific social issues, also through the use of open innovation environments such as Living Labs." CIG: 9694568299 - CUP: C83D17000590006